Business travelers


Our largest customer base is business travellers, who come from abroad to Finland for different project tasks. IT professionals, lawyers or professional athletes who do not consider traditional hotel accommodation as an alternative when the need for accommodation lasts from a week to several months.

We know what a business traveler needs to enjoy when far from home KOTI Helsinki creates routines and a sense of security for everyday life. It’s wonderful to return to Koti after a workday.

We offer

  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • Clear service agreement
  • Easy to contact also by phone
  • Personal contact
  • High class apartment
  • Flexible payment terms

KOTI Insiders


If your company needs accommodation regularly, it is possible to apply for a KOTI Insiders membership. Membership is free and valid at a time of one year. As a KOTI Insider member, your company will receive the following benefits:


  • Always inexpensive contract prices without seasonal fluctuations
  • Flexible cancellation and payment terms
  • Personal contact
  • Free airport shuttle
  • Regular reporting on accommodation
  • Customer evenings

Apply for membership


Apply KOTI Insiders membership using the form below.

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